Accounts Preparations

HMRC has set deadline for submitting returns. So, timely service has become important. Using the latest software we will prepare your account efficiently and promptly. We will then go through your account and provide you a clear idea of your account and tax situation to make sure you are aware of your business performance.

Personal Taxation

Self assessment is a burden to individuals and businesses especially when January deadline approaches.we take the worry away from you and deal with inland revenue on your behalf.we will advice you on how you can legitimately save money in tax and keep more of the money that you have worked hard to earn.

We will prepare and submit your tax return on time. We will also calculate your tax liability and advise you on when and how much do you exactly need to pay.

Our range of services in this area includes:  

  • Personal Tax Computations
  • Tax Return completion
  • Self Assessment
  • Personal tax Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax planning and computation
  • Inheritance tax
  • Trust Tax

Business Start Ups

If you have any business idea and want to turn it into reality we can help you. We will provide you support and knowledge you need to start up your business.

Here is few ways how can help you get started:  

  • Advice on whether you should trade as sole trader, limited company or partnership based on the type of business and your circumstance.
  • Where appropriate we will form the company and produce a business plan for you
  • Registering your business with HMRC
  • Advice on raising finance for your business
  • Advice on whether to register the business for VAT, PAYE etc

Corporation Tax

In order to avoid penalty timely return of corporation tax is important. We ensure that corporation returns are submitted on time and tax liabilities are established well ahead before the due date. We have been providing corporation tax services to companies of different sizes over the last years.

We provide following corporation tax services:  

  • Corporation Tax Computations
  • Completing and filing corporation tax return
  • Corporation tax planning
  • VAT
  • Tax investigation and Inland Revenue enquiries


Value added tax is a sort of tax that is charged on the goods or services provided by business. It is a complex matter and taxman requires you to comply with legislation. Failure to comply with VAT rules could to severe financial penalty.

We provide following VAT services:  

  • Whether to register for VAT or not
  • Registration of business for VAT
  • Calculation of VAT payable to repayable
  • Submission of VAT to HMRC
  • VAT deregistration
  • VAT investigation


We have experienced team of payroll who can provide highly confidential payroll services for you. All you have to do is give us employee details such as hour, payment, overtime, holiday, commission and other relevant details and we do the rest.

Our payroll services include:  

  • Registering for PAYE scheme
  • Payroll maintenance
  • Weekly or monthly payroll
  • Choice of pay slips patterns
  • Online access to pay slips
  • Payment of employees via BACS
  • Managing payments to HMRC

Business Plans

Business plan can benefit a business and research suggests that businesses with a business plan are more likely to succeed .it is often required by the financial institutions when deciding whether to lend money for the business. They want to know you strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of your proposed business. It is a guide to who you are, what you do and where you want to go.

We have a very good track record of producing detailed, sensible and accurate business plans which helped businesses to able to open the fanciers doors that are normally closed.